Silent Sky 100th Release Questionnaire!!

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Silent Sky 100th Release Questionnaire!!

Postby Konukon » Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:15 am

Start: October now (2013)
End: October 19th, 2013

As some of you may know, we had our 100th release just a couple days ago and we're celebrating it with a small questionnaire!!

The winner will get to pick out of the listed projects to have a mass release of (3-5) chapters within a couple weeks after the questionnaire ends!
The questionnaire will go on for two weeks so do your best!

• First person to answer all the questions correct within the time frame will get to choose a project from a selected list for us to make a mass release(3-5 chapters) on. If this happens, the contest will end immediately.
• If there is no one that gets all the questions right, the person that gets the most right will win.
• In the event of a tie, the person with the most correct answers that handed it in fastest will win.
• You may use whatever resources you can to answer these questions (come onto chatango to ask our staff, or onto irc, leave a comment at our site, leave a comment at one of the reader sites).
• Your questions must be creative, not just straight out: ‘when is the silent sky birthday?’ If the questions aren’t creative enough, the staff may not answer.
• Only one try is allowed.
• The answers must be emailed to in this format with ‘Questionnaire’ as the subject:

[Name (or online name so we can announce the winner):
Email (for us to email you in the event that you win):
The name of the project you want to have mass released:
Your answers: ]

The projects you can choose from are:
• Sengoku Strays
• Over Steam
• Black Wind
• All-Rounder Meguru
• Lime Odyssey
• Girl the Wild’s
• Son Yeon Jeon [Limit]

1) When is Silent Sky’s birthday (YYYY/MM/DD)?
2) What was Silent Sky's first release?
3) What are the names of all our active projects?
4) What types of project genres does Silent Sky do?
5) What is the longcat?
6) What are the two greetings that the longcat uses?
7) Who is the ruffian/ninja member of Silent Sky?
8) Who is the pikachu of Silent Sky?
9) The name of one of our pikachu's moves.
10) What is a Konu Memory and how long is it?
11) What is our stalker face on chatango?
12) After how many minutes do we start to have expectations for anons?
13) Name of the main illness that goes around Silent Sky? Who suffers most from this illness?
14) Name of the main disorder that goes around Silent Sky?
15) What is title of our rants?
16) From what series/manga/anime/game/whatever is Silent Sky’s recruitment picture from?
17) Who is the known chat assassin in our chat box?

Don't be afraid to chat with us on chatango or irc to get the answers, our staff don't bite(unless you have food but that's another story).
Some questions have more than one answer so just go for it ^^
I shall eat all your hopes and dreams.
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