Welcome to Silent Sky!!

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Welcome to Silent Sky!!

Postby Konukon » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:09 pm

Welcome to the Silent Sky forum!

Feel free to register on the forum and become part of the Silent Sky family~!

Register on the forum in order to:
•Take a test to join our group
•Discuss with the staff and others about our releases (and anything else)
•Suggest a project
•Submit fan art to be released with our project
•Talk to the staff and tell us your thoughts
•Make a foreign translation request

Or check out and download our releases and keep up with our announcements!! ^o^

Join Silent Sky and post and discuss to 'unlock' new ranks!
But please, no spam. Spam will get you no ranks. Spammers will get kicked from the site QAQ

Please remember:
-No hate
-Lots of love <3
-No spam
-Join us in our chat room Silent Sky Chat and come say hi ^^
I shall eat all your hopes and dreams.
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